And so the adventure begins..

Graduate high school. Go to post secondary. Get a good job. Buy a place to live. Then what?

That’s a great question. Sink into depression without realizing it. Lose your drive and motivation. Neglect your hobbies and interests. Alienate friends while leaning too hard on a person who can’t or shouldn’t support you. Sounds like a lot of fun huh? Pro-tip: Never be without a goal in life. Not even for a couple months. Always work towards something or it will destroy what you have already achieved.

Anyway, enough of that emotional nonsense.

I needed something to take me away from everyday life for a while. A drastic change was required. A new goal needed to be set, something to work towards and take up my newly opened up free time..

Fortunately, a diverse set of past interests set me up quite well to simply jump into my next obsession, dual sporting. It means something a bit different to everyone that I’ve talked to but a dual sport motorcycle itself is simply put, a motorcycle that can be used both on and off the road comfortably* (some folks may have a very different definition of comfort). Dual sporting is the freedom of getting on that motorcycle, pointing it towards the second star on the right and riding straight through ’til morning.

It just so happened that the second star on the right sent me towards the great white north on the back of a giant orange monster..


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