Adventure is just bad planning

Please note that adventure is not NO planning, but rather BAD planning. I can say with reasonable certainty that for the magnitude of this trip I am rather ill prepared compared to my typical caliber of preparedness. Likely due to working as a Mechanical Engineer, I try to plan stuff out as much as possible, remove unknowns, and be prepared for every eventuality.

For a trip like this, where the purpose is not to get from point A to point B but rather enjoy the journey and escape the practice of everyday life, I think a noted lack of planning is an order.

That being said, routes have been roughly laid out, GPS has been charged and maps updated, first aid kit is present, tools and spares have been packed, and perhaps most importantly a Spot Tracker has been borrowed (thanks Dave!) I think this is a crucial piece of equipment on a solo trip such as this.

The maps above are all in roughly 200 km legs. Leg 1 is Langley to Boston Bar, the same trip Kyle and I made two weeks ago. Leg 2 is from Boston Bar to Kamloops. Leg 3 is from Kamloops to 100 Mile House. Leg 4 is from 100 Mile House to Barkerville. Leg 5 is from Barkerville to Prince George.

My Spot Tracker page can be found here if you are interested in whether or not I have been killed yet. Please note, I may still be dead and was unable to send out a notification of my passing, apologies in advance.


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