If you wish to travel far and fast, pack light.

It would be nice to not be forced into packing light though. The Great Basin bag is 60L, my tacti-cool Condor Assault pack is 22L, and I’m also dragging along two 20L dry bags and one 10L dry bag. All said and done, a fair a bit of free volume but it disappears quick when bike equipment has to be squeezed in there too. Spare tubes, full and comprehensive tool kit, and an extra 3L of fuel canisters really put a dent in the Great Basins capacity.

In a later entry I’ll put together a list of the gear I’m taking along, but for now you can rest assured that there is a proverbial shit-tonne of it.

The one thing I would really like to bring along is a hammock or a camp chair but I’ve just run out of space. I think that in the future I’ll need to invest in some small panniers to complement the rest of my luggage. Looks like I’ll be sitting on the ground like a peasant this trip..

An overlying problem is that my tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad take up the majority of the space. All of these items were bought with the intent to use while car camping. None are the “space saving models” or lightweight. Replacing these will be a future research and investment project.

I dragged all my baggage down into my parking garage and started loading up. I want to leave tonight. I’m getting excited. This looks awesome.

loaded up



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