Let the adventure begin!

I left Langley September 1st around 4 PM. My plan for that night was to get to Gillis Lake which is just south of Merritt. I wanted to take the back roads to Harrison Hot Springs, take a series of FSR’s to Boston Bar then take another series of FSR’s over to Gillis Lake. Harrison to Boston Bar is about 125 km and Boston Bar to Gillis is about 60 km. I’ve already done this route a few times over the past couple years, both on a bike and in a jeep so I’m quite confident in getting there trouble free.

Driving to Harrison was fairly uneventful, but I felt like I was racing several opponents. First was the weather. Dark, sinister clouds seemed to always be looming just above me and I had to continuously outrun them if I wanted to stay dry. Second was the traffic, back roads traffic gets aggressive during rush hour! Turns out there are a lot of people trying to avoid back ups on Number 1. My third and final opponent was myself; I felt like I was already behind before I started. I guess that came from all the trouble I had with my old bike which ended up delaying the trip.

I stopped at the gas station in Harrison to fuel up both myself and the bike. I got some cheap coffee and ate my dinner (day old sushi out of a ziplock baggie). While I was devouring my gourmet meal, a few people swing by and say hi. First were a couple getting a head start on the long weekend with their UTV and ATV. The guy commented that he wishes he had the simplicity of packing light like me (I guess he hadn’t seen my previous post on packing). My other visitor was an older guy in a van who wanted to know how far he had to go up on the FSR to find a clear cut that was a few years old. It was a strangely specific question so I probed a bit. Turns out he’s a career mushroom picker and some of the best shrooms can be found near old pine wood piles. Who would have thought?

I left Harrison heading for Boston Bar around 5:30. I got a few good photos along the way, best being the image above between the 20-30 km mark. The rest of the trek was fairly uneventful and I found myself on the Nahatlatch river just before dark.


I bomb down the FSR headed into Boston Bar and almost run into some deer who were conveniently located in the middle of the road. They were nice enough to pose for a terrible photo. Shortly after this they climbed straight up the slope on the left. I have no idea how they manage to be so agile. I can barely coordinate two legs let alone four.


Just as it officially gets dark, I come over a crest in the road and get a distant view of the bustling metropolis that is Boston Bar.


I rode down into Boston Bar with high spirits and enthusiasm. So far the weather has cooperated, I haven’t fallen, I’ve made great time, and I haven’t got lost. Unfortunately for me, all of that was about to change…


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